Monday, June 6, 2011

its the simple things

As I sit here in complete silence I find myself thinking about life and how its the simplest things that make me happy. I don't need a big house or fancy car. I'm perfectly happy in our apartment with our small car. I'm happy that we live in a small town where I can just get up and walk into town with the girls. We have a park right across the st from us and that's nice. My town has this AMAZING beach that's free and open for us to go sit in the sun cookout and let the kids play. Even if they are not right next to me the whole time. As long as your kid knows to stay away from the road your golden.
I have friends that aren't so easy to please. And I feel bad for them. I couldn't imagine living my life grumpy because I don't have nice things. I have a wonderful life with my man and kids and wouldn't want it any other way.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

bitter sweet feeling of life

My 3 and a half year old Danika Faith graduated from her first year of preschool today. It was such a cute little ceremony they sang a few songs walked up a little ramp to get their diploma and told everyone what they wanted to be when they grow up.
Of coarse my girl is so shy she tried to escape as soon as she saw all the people. Then when it was time yo sing she sat in her chair with her ARM covering her face. She refused to get out of her chair to get her diploma and flashed everyone her chest trying to hide Di she didn't have to tell us what she wanted to be. She told her teacher before they came in she wanted to be a pretty butterfly. Other then Danika only one other kid wanted to be some thing silly. He wanted to be tony stark as in ironman. Everyone else wanted to be either a teacher or mom and dad. One said fireman and a few girls wanted to be singers but not many ideas.
I am so proud of the little lady she has become. At the same time I'm super sad she's growing up so fast. I get the same bitter sweet feeling when I think about cheyanne in 14 short days she will no longer be a baby. She will be my one year old. Where the heck did the last year go? She wants to walk so bad just won't let go and do it. She walked 3 whole blocks tonight hold mine and raymes hand. She would've kept going if we hadn't got to a busy road. She got so mad when we picked her up. We took a family walk to the park I got lots of pictures like always. We played for a good hour before it started getting chilly.

I need to sleep I have a migraine. I shall continue tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


My phone is kinda iffy and doesn't always work. I wanted to now my first blog a tester. If this works and you see it let me know please and thank you
Jessica Lynn